October 2017 ATA Delegate Report

Hello shooters! Hope everyone has had a wonderful 2017 and will have an even better time ushering in 2018.

Now I get to announce the 2017 Illinois State Team! There were many more people who met the qualifications for the team this year, which is great! Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? I will list the names on the team, along with the combined averages for each shooter. We’ll start with the Men’s Team: Captain – Bradley Bomkamp (94.09), John Kravanek (93.41), Mike Hathaway (93.35), Mark Fielder (92.11), Tom Richardson (92.04), Kevin Wunder (91.92), John Upcraft (91.73), Robert Johns (91.68), Jeremiah Schultz (91.63), and Brian Cox (91.46). For the first time in a long time, we had a full 5 shooters on the Lady 1 and Lady 2 teams! Lady 1: Captain – Lauren Mueller (94.57), Courtney Meinhardt (91.71) Regan Armbrust (89.20), Sophia Eyman (88.96), and Hannah Martin (88.68). Lady 2: Captain: Anita Knearem (87.21), Judith Wegner (86.27), Lora Murphy (80.84), Sue Staker (80.25), and Denise Dressler (80.01). The Sub Junior Team: Captain – Alex York (91.76), Blake Harnetiaux (87.37), and Kurtis Schewe (85.03). The Junior Team: Captain – Chase Horton (95.13), Kyle Blankenship (93.42), Wyatt Criner (92.12). Garrett Zeeb (91.69), and J T Thiems (91.15). The Junior Gold Team: Captain – Drew Strohecker (95.47), Walter Barnickel (94.3). The Sub Vet Team: Captain – Brian Hezel (94.47), Frank Haynes (94.43), Frank Payne (94.11), Dave Dressler (92.64) and Harvey Schultz (91.82). The Veteran Team: Captain – Mike Westjohn (95.08), Charles Bickle (93.08), Michael Obert (90.79), Alan Maly (90.16) and Loren Rippentrop (90.13). The Senior Veteran Team: Captain – Paul VonBurg (93.22), Jerry Sedlacek (93.19), Mike Jordan (92.92), Joe Nehrt (92.55) and Larry Hight (92.18). The Chair Shooter Captain – Ziggy Tkaczenko (88.46). Congratulations to all of you! I hope to see you all in the running again next year. The awards will be given out at the state meeting at the 2018 State Trap Shoot. I do encourage you to be present so I get to hand you your certificate, pin and patch.

I want to wish all of you happy holidays and safe travels when you’re going to see the ones you love. See you all in 2018!

Lauren Mueller, ATA Delegate

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