September 2017 ATA Delegate Report

September 2017

First off, I want to apologize for the last couple magazines not having articles in them. I was having some issues with my email and didn’t realize it until recently. I do implore you to go to the ISTA website to read them – They are full of information!

The Northern Zone Shoot was a couple weeks ago at Downers Grove and they had a great turnout. Wonderful weather. There was a vote for a new director for the zone too. Frankie Bentley III decided not to run again and Stanley Systo won the vote to replace him. Congrats to him! Frankie Bentley III ended up winning the singles with the lone 199. Jeremiah Schultz won the doubles with a lone 98. Jack Anderson was the handicap champion with a 97. The All Around Champion was Brad Bomkamp with a 386. Tough shooting by everyone! I also have to brag about a shooter from the Southern Zone that went up to compete as well, Elise Baker. She won the Handicap non-resident with a 97 and proceeded to win the HAA with a 385. Anyone that shot all 400 targets at this match meets the zone requirement for the State Team. The Southern Zone shoot is Memorial Day weekend, May 26 and 27 at Brittany Shooting Park and the Central Zone shoot is in Peoria the weekend before, May 19 and 20.

The Illini Indian’s Pow Wow was the first weekend in September. There was a great turn out and great weather. It was divided into 3 shoots – the Indian Summer Shoot, the Pow Wow, and the Silver Dollar. The first two days, Jeff Fricke won both of the handicap events! Two of the days Norm Gilmore was the high score for the doubles events! Chloe Turasky broke her first 100 straight in the singles event that weekend too! There were a lot of people who had some phenomenal scores. Hope to see that continue throughout the year!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything you would like to see in the next article. Again, I cannot tell you how sorry I am about the last couple magazines. It won’t happen again!

Lauren Mueller

ATA Delegate

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